Globally, the animals that face the most challenges with sight are those living in the Arctic. Throughout the year, the Arctic is in continuous darkness half of its time and in perpetual daylight during the other half. Arctic animals like reindeer, polar bears and arctic foxes must survive and thrive in this environment. What is interesting is the type of evolutionary advantages these animals have developed to help them see better in such conditions.


Inspired by nature, I named the company ‘Arctic Vision’, implying that such ‘Arctic Vision’ will be brought to patients with ophthalmological conditions so that they can see better.


In Chinese, the name of the company is ‘极目生物’. The first two characters ‘极目’ mean having a long-term and comprehensive view. The first character ‘极’ itself means ‘extreme’, implying peak or the utmost point; the second character ‘目’ expresses our target field, namely ophthalmology treatment.


In terms of ophthalmology, the available technology and therapies in China were significantly lagging behind developed markets. This was what eventually motivated me to establish Arctic Vision in 2019. Arctic Vision will strive to become a leading ophthalmology company in China and Asia to fulfil the significant unmet medical needs in ophthalmology, for the ultimate benefit of patients and society.

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