Arctic Vision Enters Strategic Partnership with SPH Health Commerce to Boost Development and Delivery of Innovative Ophthalmology Therapies in China

Shanghai, China, November 5, 2021 – Arctic Vision, a China-based biotech company focused on innovative ophthalmic therapies announced today a strategic partnership with Chinese healthcare company, Shanghai Pharma Health Commerce Co., Ltd. (SPH Health Commerce) to advance the development and delivery of innovative, cutting-edge ophthalmology drugs for Chinese patients with eye disorders.


The strategic partnership will see SPH Health Commerce and Arctic Vision tap into their respective strengths and deepen cooperation on aspects including clinical drug trials, medical device supply chain management and real-world evidence studies. SPH Health Commerce will leverage its nationwide online and offline sales distribution network, digitalized patient journeys, and digital hospital footprint to support Arctic Vision’s non-hospital sales efforts and academic engagements. The parties will work collectively in the spirit of patient-centricity to accelerate development and delivery of Arctic Vision’s innovative global product pipeline to address the unmet medical needs of patients in China, and create greater drug accessibility.


The ophthalmology market is one of the fastest growing in the world, with a vast pipeline for ophthalmology drug development. And China, with its rapidly ageing population and deep penetration of electronic use, is battling a year-on-year rise in prevalence rate of eye diseases. There is a considerable gap in ophthalmic therapies between China and its Western counterparts, with eye disease patients in China far outnumbering those in the United States, a much smaller ophthalmic drug market size, and a lack of safe and effective treatments. Compared to demand for quality ophthalmic drugs, supply in China falls short.


CEO and President of SPH Health Commerce, Mr. Liu Bin said: “As a leading Internet+ pharmaceutical and technology platform in China, SPH Health Commerce holds full business and operational licenses across medicine, commercialization and innovation. We have established China’s largest integrated direct-to-patient system that covers the whole life cycle of innovative and specialty drugs development and delivery, allowing us to provide a one-stop service for pharmaceutical companies that takes them from clinical trial patient recruitment to national drug launch campaigns, and even support charity efforts and new payment models. In addition, SPH Health Commerce’s beside-hospital Yiyao pharmacy network and integrated wholesale and retail medicine channel, the Internet+ e-pharmacy, work to help patients in need easily buy and receive important medication.”


With a strong system in place, SPH Health Commerce is confident it can help emerging pharmaceutical companies like Arctic Vision bring in more innovative global drugs and accelerate distribution of its medications from Hainan to the whole country. SPH Health Commerce’s vision is to establish itself as the choice and leading partner in brand incubation and commercialization for innovative pharmaceutical enterprises.


Founder and CEO of Arctic Vision, Mr Dr. Eddy Wu said: “We are extremely pleased to partner with SPH Health Commerce and believe its innovative distribution channels and strong supply chain system will help boost the clinical development and strategic commercialization of Arctic Vision’s pipeline of products. Innovation and collaboration are values at the core of Arctic Vision’s development strategy and we remain committed to unlocking the potential of ophthalmology therapies with innovative, cutting-edge technology, and consumer-oriented solutions. We are optimistic our partnership with SPH Health Commerce will bring new breakthroughs for us in terms of ophthalmic drug development and commercialization.”


Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Arctic Vision, Mr. York Chen noted: “We are excited for this partnership. SPH Health Commerce’s online sales platform and supply chain system will enable Arctic Vision to better plan and execute product commercialization, closing the loop for a sales strategy that cleverly integrates diagnosis, treatment, supply and distribution of drugs through both online and offline channels. The development and distribution of Arctic Vision’s innovative pipeline also brings opportunities for SPH Health Commerce to continually optimize its platforms and systems. This partnership leverages both parties’ strengths to achieve mutually beneficial success.”


The signing ceremony took place at the head office of SPH Health Commerce in Shanghai and was attended by representatives from both SPH Health Commerce and Arctic Vision.


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About Arctic Vision

Arctic Vision is a China-based ophthalmic biotech focusing on breakthrough therapies, with a leading portfolio covering pre-clinical stage to commercial stage products. Our vision is to provide innovative therapies in China, Asia and globally to address unmet clinical needs and benefit ophthalmic patients at large. Arctic Vision is supported by top-tier life sciences investors and led by an elite team of ophthalmic industry veterans with substantial regional and global experiences in R&D and commercialization of ophthalmic products. For more information, please visit


About SPH Health Commerce

Established on March 18, 2015, Shanghai Pharma Health Commerce Co., Ltd. is China’s leading “Internet +” platform in medical e-commerce and technology. With its patient-focused services of innovative drug over the full life cycle based on specialty pharmacies, and “Internet+” services of regular drug supply based on online prescription and e-pharmacies, SPH Health Commerce develops a new Chinese-characteristic business model of independent medical supplies for the healthcare system. SPH Health Commerce holds the "Yiyao” platforms, its brand series which provides integrated full life-cycle services for innovative drugs from the clinical development stage, the commercialization stages through self-pay, medical insurance and centralized procurement to the iterative stage. In the field of regular medicine management, SPH Health Commerce targets patients' needs precisely through an integrated online-and-offline system, which can improve the accessibility of medical resources.

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